What do our Alumni say about GSS BCA

Major. Ateek Tashildar

Indian Army

GSS BCA College not only impart education but the professional approach of the institute will train you, will empower you to face any contingency arriving in your future. The quality of education, faculty, world class lectures, state of the art, infrastructure, fests, competitions, projects, assignments, competitive peers, challenging schedules, academically sound professors and every entity at GSS BCA College will lay a perfect foundation for a shining career.

Shreyas Desai

Sr. Engineer, Target Corporation

I constantly catch myself reminiscing about the time I spent at GSS BCA. Everyone at the GSS BCA, the amazing faculty and the awesome friends have helped me to become what I' m today. 

If I could time travel I'd definitely go back to 2008 and relive the 3 years at GSS BCA again. GSS BCA is the college to study for your all round development! All the best for your future.

Viraj Nilajkar

Stanza living, Bangalore

GSS BCA helped me shape myself and become what I am today. The enormous exposure which I got to the outside world through various IT fests and events helped me develop my skills and personality overall, I carry all the memories and learning with me even to this day.

Ashwini Patil

Software Tester, TCS Pune

It's been a great journey when I was at GSS BCA. It has made me who I am today. The exposure that I got from the college and especially from the faculties made me a true GSSian. It will be a stepping stone to your future education or starting your working life. The years that I had spent in GSS BCA were unforgettable because of the friendly atmosphere

Pooja Joshi

Traniee Software Engineer, KPIT Technologies, Pune.

I am glad that I was a part of one of the best colleges for my graduation course. My academic performance and overall growth of my professional life wouldn’t have been possible without the tremendous support from the college, ever encouraging faculties, best training in computer programming and other events held at college along with all the facilities needed for the students.

Vandana Yesoji Mandolkar

Developer, SAP Labs India, Bangalore

Bringing the best out of you is the aim of GSS BCA. It has always inspired and encouraged me to be what I am today. Excellent staff and the best quality of education is the secret of being the best out of all.